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Lighting solutions, backed by a full range of light sources, lighting fixtures and controls; designed and manufactured to maximize energy savings and be friendly to the environment.

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Market Presence

Market Presence

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About Us

Position our brands as the best options in the lighting market, making a difference.

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Our Projects

We have a team of engineers and architects specialized in recommending and studying the products that best suit your lighting projects.

Our team of professionals will work by your side evaluating, proposing, executing, supplying, supervising and supporting your projects and lighting needs.

Using the support of our brands, your projects will be the perfect combination of energy saving, quality, support, innovation and aesthetics.

Our Brands

We have developed the Ilukon brand, to offer a wide range of LED luminaires and lamps, as well as traditional lighting products, for various areas of expertise.

Our products have Ledvance / Osram technology and are designed with high standards of; manufacturing, quality, efficiency and energy savings.

We believe in delivering quality. Our products are certified and they comply with the internationally recognized norms UL, ETL and NOM.

It is one of the main lighting providers in the world, with a presence in more than 140 countries: the United States, Canada, Europe, Asian Pacific Region, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America.

Within Latin America, there is no other lighting company that has a presence and a marketing network in as many markets in countries around the world as Ledvance!

Ledvance has emerged from the lighting giant OSRAM and offers a bigger range of LED luminaires for many areas of use with a product portfolio that covers all professional and residential applications of the modern lighting solutions.

Osram is synonymous with experience, support and quality. With a heritage of more than 100 years, Osram addresses the future while consolidating its position as a leader manufacturing lamps and luminaires.

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